Beyond the Sea

Year: 2004
Duration: 118 min
IMDb: 6.7
Country: USA, UK, Germany
Consummate entertainer Bobby Darin (1936-1973) is making a movie about his life. He&#39s volatile, driven by the love of performing, ambition, perfectionism, and belief that he&#39s living on borrowed time. He begins in the Bronx: a fatherless lad learning music and dance from his mom. His career starts slowly, then "Splish Splash" puts him at the top of the charts and on "Bandstand." He wants to be an entertainer, not a pop star, so he aims for the Copacabana; then it&#39s on to the movies, where he meets and marries Sandra Dee. After, it&#39s balancing career, health, marriage and family life, balances he doesn&#39t always keep. Throughout, conversations with his boyhood self give him perspective.